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Alessandro Bottero:
i'm happy this topc turned in such an intersting argument.
what i think you missed is the not-english spoken fan "point of view".

it's true we can access to all kind of data and info about almost everything, but you must know what you want to search.
let's think about golden age.
here in Italy, as i already said, only SOME characters from golden age Marvel and DC has been published for a larger audience in the past 20 years.
and i know it very well, because i was theone wich tranlated the first two Superman Archives for the Italian Publisher Play Press, in 1994-1995.
we have the Simon-Kirby Captain America, some of the bob Kane batman & detective stories, and (but they are SIlver age) the Marvel Masterworks.

Probably in the '60 and in the '70 some horror stories, or even sci-fi and western ones had been translated, and published in some comic book series. but WITHOUT any info about publisher, or authors.
comic books were (and for some still are) a "child's thing" and didn't deserved infos.

Alessandro Bottero:
second part......

what i mean is....if i never saw, or knew Quality existed, and if no one reprint Quality stories, giving me the opportunity to see these stories for FIRST TIME, how could i know what to find, and where to find it? that's why i said "Golden age is generally unknown in Italy". Because if i say ACE, or AVON, o FOX, of FICTION, i'm fairly sure 90% of the comic book readers don't know what i'm saying. there are some good essay, even volumes, on Fawcett, or charlton, but they are aimed to a niche, with small print run, and mostly "convention distribution", if i am clear.
and one of the biggest issues was "where to find these stories, and how could i find a way to produce good reprint?". This is why i was so happy where i found this site. Because it make possible to spread these hidden tresures here.
it's been over 20 years i worked in italian comic field, and i love comic books. of all kinds, honestly. I love old comics , and i love new ones. and i strongly believe these stories has an unvaluable historical meaning, because they show the roots of today's best works.

And those of us who scan them and put them up are happy to have them spread throughout Italy and the world. It makes all of our time and effort more worthwhile.


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