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Scanners, please tell us about your scanner

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Thanks very much for the posts guys!
I for one appreciate any info before considering a replacement.

My Plustek 3600 is now 3 years old, and still going quite well, even after scanning over 10,000 covers in my on-going attempt to inventory my collection, AND after upgrading to Windows 7, with the necessary fresh software download from Plustek...  My Mustek A3, on the other hand, died an ugly death after only a handful of scans, spread out over a couple of years.  I think when I get around to buying a new A3, I will go with a Plustek, even at the 600.00 pricetag.

Is the scanner you have Jim? Seems like a good buy for a good fast scanner

No, narf,
this is mine:
It's been discontinued, but there is likely to be a better replacement for less money. My needs run towards size, speed and optics as opposed to ease of feeding the source material. I'm sure the 1500 is a decent machine, but I have no experience with it. Sorry.
Peace, Jim (|:{>

Yeah, narf...I tried finding a used version of JVJ's 15000 on line (it has been discontinued and replaced by the GT20000).

My efforts were frustrated by the fact that they now offer a 1500 (not 15000!), and many web pages listed the specs for JVJ's rig, and the price tag for the 1500. Sheesh! I would have thought Epson would have forseen the confusion between the similar model numbers.


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