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Scanners, please tell us about your scanner

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I've made this a new topic.
Comics scanners, please tell us about your scanner/computer set-up and what you think works best for you.
This topic isn't limited to hardware.  If you'd like to talk about how you handle your books, apps you use or anything else you'd like to share in the 'art' of making a good scan please share it here.



Sure!  It all started when JVJ was telling us about his scanner, which is a Epson 15000, which he uses to prepare his graphics publication.

The Epson is a really nice rig...11x17 platen size, fast scan rate, etc., etc.  It is also roughly $1500 new, and nobody seems to be selling theirs used at a bargain.  I looked and looked, and started to despair of getting something affordable.  I was trying various Google searches to see who else had anything to offer.

A scanner by a company I had never heard of before, Mustek, kept coming up. Nobody had done any reviews of them in a tech article, and the consumer reviews painted the thing as either heaven or hell. You really can't trust those too much.

The Mustek A3 USB 1200 Pro was available from dozens of on-line sellers.  I got mine for about $165, shipping included.  I figured this was the only way I could possibly get my hands on that kind of hardware, and was worth the risk.

The verdict is this:  the hardware is great, the software that comes with it, just OK.  The way I use the scanner is to open Photoshop and import the image through the twain driver, and use Photoshop's software for all image correction.  Any shortcomings in the scanner's software package don't impact me, and I couldn't be more pleased.  Besides being able to scan my own original comic art in a single pass, I can also scan two pages at a whack of a comic if the staples comply.  I would recommend it to anyone.

Thanks BB I will keep that in mind when I am in the market for a new scanner. I want something that will do two pages at once

Thanks for the info BB.  Would you have a figure for the scanning rate?  My Xerox 7600 requires 30 sec to scan one page.  This doesn't include going back to trim the page after scanning.

As a comparison, guys,
The Epson 15000 scans two 100% comic pages at 300 ppi in 20 seconds - that's from pressing Scan to getting the pages in Photoshop. Setting up the comic might take another five seconds.

Peace, Jim (|:{>

Holy Crap that's FAST Jim!!
My HP is about 2mins and that's at bloody 150dpi!


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