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Uploaders - Please have the COVER as the first scan in your file


Hi Scanners.
First let DCM thank-you ALL for being so generous with your time and money supplying scans of these wonderful comics.
Without you scanners we are nothing and lose out on so much of the rich history that is the Golden Age.

DCM recently added an Automatic Cover Thumbnail feature we would really appreciate that any new books uploaded have the COVER SCAN as the first file in the book.  The first file is automatically pulled out and a thumbnail added for display on the site.

".JPEG" file names do NOT work with the Preview or Auto Cover Thumbnail features either.
Only use the ".jpg" file name format for your scans, thanks!

NOTE - it seems the software treats capital letters differently from non-caps. In that case, all capital letters precede all non-caps so when naming your files Please use the same file name format throughout the set.  

Incorrect covers can only be fixed by the DCM admin and takes some time so it would be a great help if we all have the cover there first.

Also, please be sure that you don't upload a cbz file within a zip file, etc, etc.  Nested files do not work in the Preview and auto cover adding features.

Finally do NOT rename a cbr file to a cbz file before uploading, it breaks the Preview feature.

Thanks very much!


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