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How about PD Mad magazine imitations?

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Geo and Yoc,

The mags I am talking about were mostly pre-'59, I believe. When Mad went from comic book to magazine format in '55, and soon proved a hit, various imitations popped up over the next few years. Cracked started up in '58, I believe, and I recall that Sick started up in '59 or '60. But I'm not talking about scanning those titles.

There were other humor titles from now-defunct publishers that came out in '56-'58. Thimk! started up in 1958 I believe. Here's a link to a blog posting relating to it and the Mad imitators.

See: http://thwakstudios.blogspot.com/2010/05/humor-magazines-thimk.html

The thing about the humor mags was that they drew upon the pool of comic book artists in NY for their contributors, so they are really an extension of the comic book universe.

It all depends on their copyright staus Poz, just like any book on DCM.
Have your checked the Copyright site?
Or the list of first renewals?

These are the first two places to check for status.


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