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How about PD Mad magazine imitations?

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This may not be the place to discuss this, but what do people think about including scans here of Mad _magazine_ imitations that may be PD by now, such as Thimk!, etc.? I only have one or two, but it is a quasi-comic territory that deserves archiving. We could avoid Mad imitations published by Marvel (Goodman) or Cracked, which would likely be problematic copyright-wise, but I have to imagine that several of the other titles by publishers long since gone are now public domain.

We have the Dec 1959 rule Poz.
If you know they are PD I would think GAC would be interested in them though.


Geo (RIP):
Mad magazine is not PD, was renewed by publisher William Gaines for sure. Sorry Poz.


Poz was talking about the Other Mad imitators.  I believe Alter-Ego did or will be doing a long article on them.
It's an interesting idea but we have to stick to the cut off date for our own good.
GAC has shown a willingness to cross that cutoff date and might be into the idea of hosting some of these if they are PD.

Geo (RIP):
OPPS!!! My bad. :'(



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