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Drusilla lives!:
For those here who occasionally visit the CBR and Bleeding Cool websites... has anyone else noticed that both sites seem to be down a lot lately... particularly with "server not responding" messages?

Anyone here read of any denial of service attacks on these sites?... It could be just internal problems (maybe server upgrades and such), but it seems to happen with such frequency now that it got me wondering.  Just thought I'd ask here if anyone has read/heard anything along those lines or have had similar experiences.   

I visit both sites at least daily and haven't had any problems.

Drusilla lives!:
It's probably just an intermittent problem with my isp or along the network somewhere... it just seemed to be getting rather odd... both sites seemed to be "blocked" at the same time and for the same duration (about an hour or so) for me.   And it happened more than once... just seemed very weird, that's all.   :)


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