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Geo (RIP):
Just finished up'ing it Yoc, Red Circle Comics 004 (Sabu feature).

I couldn't up the other one Eric up'd, Sabu, The Elephant Boy (Fox) as the file link was bad on GAC.

Thanks Eric.


Hey Geo I just checked the link at GAC-UK and it worked fine. The link in Fox is merely a pointer to the download in Rural which worked.

I explained the Fox link was taking you to the Rural Home one where the file was hosted.
It saves the site hosting the same book twice Geo.  It's working just fine as I set it up.

Holyoke's Veri Best Sure Fire Comics #1 is going up right now. This reprints various stories from various issues of Captain Aero Comics, none of which have been posted. Also, I believe the contents are the same as Veri Best Sure Shot Comics. Both covers (from Heritage) are included in the upload and are identical except for the title.


Thanks Eric!
Going up now.


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