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Paper upgrade of Hit Comics #14 is going up right now to the FTP. It's a coverless copy, so the ifc, ibc, and back cover are still fiche, and the front is from Heritage, but the rest of the book is complete.


Thanks Eric!
I'll add it as soon as I see it's done uploading.

Thanks Eric! Glad that you're scanning and uploading these books for us! ;D

Red Circle Comics #4 - Sabu Edition is going up right now.

This is a bit of an odd duck. The first page (story pages 2-3) is damaged, the only thing keeping this from being a "complete" book. Contents appear to be an unpublished issue of Fox's Sabu "Elephant Boy," wrapped in unused cover from Rural Home's Red Circle Comics #4.The book is complete other than the damaged page, even though page 1 of the first story is missing. Fox would have printed that on the inside front cover. Also, the last two pages of the book, which would have been advertisements, are blank newsprint, and thus have been left out of this scan. Variations of Red Circle Comics #4 exist with other Fox leftovers. One known variation features an issue of Dorothy Lamour Comics. The others are unknown.

Because it's a Fox remainder, it might be good to post in in both publishers.


Thanks Eric.
It's now up!


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