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Well, I was afraid to be the oldest.... It's not the case!.... ;)

I'm 46 and I'm very proud to have a son (18) who is mad about comics like me!
The problem is that we've no more bookcases at home!

Unfortunately Pipo we can not all do what JVJ did with his book room. I have boxes here and there and everywhere

I like how the "Additional Information" ends-up only being the cost of the report ($1,295.00 for just the download).

I found it interesting that it's phrased "one in four adult comic readers is 65 years of age or older" and not "one of four comic book readers ... ".  Also, using "comic" without the word "book" attached to it kind of opens things up a bit.  Without knowing exactly how they came-up with this "one in four" number (because I'm not seeing any type of explanation anywhere), how do I (or anyone else) really know it's comic book readers and not simply a lot of grandparents buying "Peanuts" or "Garfield" books for their grandkids?  I'm not saying their phrasing is wrong, but it certainly can be misleading.

Kevin Yong:
I'm 35. Been reading comics since I was a kid -- mostly whatever Marvel books I could find on the newsstand at the time, then I moved on to collecting older Silver Age books, and now I find myself reading mostly Golden Age titles online. (I think my inner child is aging backwards through time or something. ;)

-- Kevin Yong

I recently turned 36 years young. When I was in Jr. High, I collected some Marvel titles but moved away from comics towards novels in high school and college.  Six or seven years ago, I was lured back into comics when I discovered trade paperbacks and graphic novels in my public library.  I do keep up on a handful of new titles (Scalped, DMZ, Powers, Fables) but find myself reading mainly golden age and underground comix just as much if not more than new material.    

As far as comics appeal to the young goes, both my 5 and 7 year old read comics, and I'd hate to slight the industry too much for the state of children's comics because I think good things are happening.  Both my kids love the RAW toon books like Benny and Penny or the Johnny Boo books which are available in the kiddie section of our library and which I think is a great format for getting children interested in comics.  Also, the Boom Kids comics are a ton of fun, and my kids also like to read Harveys, or I like to read them old Dells.  There's more material available right now for kids than there has been in a long time.  As far as Marvel or DC's appeal to children goes, I'll be honest and say I could care less.  They aim their comics towards their target demographic, 30-something fan boys willing to pay 5 dollars an issue and mine a small and blindly loyal audience for all it's worth.

I think comics offer much in terms of exciting children to read and also as a format that helps children learn to sound out effects, understand sequential images, and decipher dialogue. Educators and parents are more open to this than ever, so I'm optimistic about the future of comics and comics for kids no matter what the demographics say or what is on offer from the big 2.


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