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Welcome to DCM - how old are you poll?

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The scans help us keep a part of our youth alive.
Bless all the buyers, scanner and editors out there that bring these scans to the site.


Souvenirs.... souvenirs...les bd sont une tranche de notre vie....
Amateur de kébir bd.

Add me to your over-65 list.

The first comic I remember having was a Mickey Mouse meets the Phantom Blot issue. I know there was a series of Blot followup stories. But, I think  I'm remembering the very first one from around 1939 when I was 4. The time is set by the year (1939) we moved from our old apartment where I remember reading (and re-reading) it. I never stopped
loving comics after that. The stories, cartoons and colors were all just great. And for a great price (10 cents!)

Through the years I accumulated a huge collection of Golden Age comics. But by early 1950s I decided to (horror-of-horrors) get rid of them and gave all of them away to young relatives and other kids. The comics had created a housekeeping nuisance for my mother with only limited space in our tiny apartment. Also, Girls and other teen distractions temporarily steered me away from comics.

But, by the early 1960s I remembered my old friends the comics and wanted to see them again. I re-accumulated some old Fawcett Captain Marvel, and other comics, most of which I have uploaded to DCM.

Hi Larry,
Thanks for sharing your early comics memories.  It warms my heart that you are a DCM member.  DCM was started for people exactly like yourself that have fond memories or younger people with a curiosity for these old comics.

How many collections have been lost to our mothers or puberty? 
I'm glad you found your way to DCM and get to read them for free.  And of course our thanks for sharing your scans as well!

I've sometimes thought I was born thirty years too late.  You bought many at cover price that today cost small fortunes to buy and likely as not come in plastic coffins to 'protect' them.

Our big 13th anniversary is just days away.  There should be some goodies there for you to enjoy.

Stay well!

I am 68. Was a DC fan from 1962 onward. I have scanned over 1000+ comics. Most are non-pd comics, but do scan one around every blue moon. Will have one for the birthday coming up.


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