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paw broon:
My first comic?  Ask me an easy one, please.  I saw and looked at both Dandy and Beano when very young.  Saw, because my parents didn't buy me comics.  The first one I bought though might have been an issue of Super Thriller comics - these featured Ace Hart. I'd have been 9 or 10.  And a year or two earlier, on holiday, I saw what I later found out was a Frew Phantom.  My dad wouldn't buy it for me. I'm now 73 and a huge Phantom Phan. (But I have a soft spot for Ace Hart)
American comics weren't distributed in the UK till late '59, although I still believe there is some dubiety about the actual date.  American comics turned up in Scotland because there were American bases and some obviously were liberated, finding their way into local newsagents.

Thanks for sharing Paw!
One day back when I was in my early teens I think, I found a Beano.  'Who the heck is this Dennis the Menace?  Holy heck, he's a violent bully!'
I honestly couldn't understand it.  I still can't grasp his popularity.  I also found a UK comic book with a Jaws theme.  'Hook Mouth' or something like that.  I liked that one.


Olá! Tenho 57 anos...
Sou um amante dos quadrinhos autorais...

I am 72

I'll be 60 next month, so it looks like I won't outgrow comics anytime soon.


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