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Hi there!
Welcome to DCM, a home for Public Domain comic scans up to the end of 1959.
Recently a news site used this headline and it got us wondering just how old is the average member here?

"One in Four Comic Readers over the Age of 65, Simba Information Study Reveals"
(You can read the article here:

So, if you don't mind sharing... how old are you?

-Yoc (age 43)
DCM Admin

John C:
Heh.  I'm old enough to know better than answer "how old are you" and "what are you doing this weekend."  The latter, invariably, because an uninteresting answer leads to chores.

It occurs to me that this might not be the gap it appears to be.  Heading to the CIA World Factbook, they have a handy-dandy page with an appropriate breakdown per country for us:

For the United States, say, if we neglect the under-15 crowd (who we're repeatedly told lack the required literacy skills to be comic fans and would rather play video games anyway), then over sixteen percent (about one in six) of the remaining population are over 65.  Canada's over 18%.  The EU clears 20%.  That's the general population, mind you, as the CIA apparently doesn't bother to keep separate numbers on comic book fans, for some reason.

Factor in that comics are something of a dying medium, with companies' apparent disinterest in bringing in younger or even NEW fans, not to mention their distaste of digital distribution, and 25% doesn't seem surprising at all.

(OK, I might be 36...)

I'm a 53 year old school teacher. With the popularity of the movies I have seen a rise in interest in comics. I have had more kids look at the comics I have on a comic rack in the back of my room.

Well I am about to turn 45... ugh... oh well. Daughter just turned 18... ugh... where did it all go?... and how much time of that did I spend reading comics? LOL


I just turned 62. I have an brother who is twelve years older than I am, and much of my love of comics came from the fact that his comics were always around until I learned to read and he got married (at age 18, and is still married to the same woman).


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