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What 7 characters, comics and issues are represented in the DCM site header?

Hi TT,
Check out this link for the answer.

I believe all the books used are on the site.

 Back in the early seventies, I enjoyed playing "Risk" with some friends and spent several months of a particularly cold winter having weekly games, which would sometime take two days; I don't know if "Risk" qualifies, as it is an older game, I believe than "Dungeon and Dragons" and there really isn't much role-playing per se involved. I tried Dungeons & Dragons something like twenty-five years ago and after participating in five or six games over a two month period, decided I didn't care for it, nor the single attempt I made at some game (possibly "Champions") that ostensively involved super-heroic types, whose abilities and weaknesses were dictated by rolling dice.

 I do regularly play PBEM role playing games based on comic book characters, which don't include so-called "game mechanics" and are actually a form of collaberative writing. I ran an "All-Star Squadron" PBEM for close to six years, which used golden age characters from DC (and All-American), Quality, and Fawcett comics and had a good time, for the most part, doing so. I'm approaching the second year mark of another "All-Stars" game which is much like the first but tends to focus more on obscure characters and series than the older group did (I'm currently playing The Ace of Space (Quality version), Wildfire, Golden Arrow, and Robotman in various concurrent storylines, and the most recent character choice was by a new player who wanted to play Freckles Marvel. I have tried PBEM RPGs which depend on a Gamemaster to role dice and keep track of damage points and such, but I just can't get excited about someone rolling a die or dice, but I've always been oriented toward language than math. Perhaps if I had friends in my neightborhood who were interested in "Dungeons of Dragons" or some such, I'd develop and interest, but I foresee that happening.


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