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Pulp art ID.

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Drusilla lives!:
Not exactly comic book related but... I was wondering if anyone knew offhand the names of the artists that regularly painted the covers to the pulp "The Frontier" (later to be renamed "Frontier Stories") during the mid to late 1920s.  

From what I've seen, they're all rather exceptional IMO, but I'm particularly interested in who painted the covers to the May, 1926 and May, 1927 issues.

I bet Jim has a good idea...

Alas, Yoc, no he doesn't....



Sorry, my very limited collection of pulps doesn't go back nearly that far, and there's very few artists I can ID without a signature.

One site that's helpful for Science Fiction Pulps is

which has exact credits for a LOT of magazines.  But that won't help on your particular search, sadly.

Drusilla lives!:
I kinda figured it was a long shot, thanks anyway guys. 

That second cover has a signature, but I just can't make it out... I guess I'll have to track down a few more covers and see what I can piece together.


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