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Geo (RIP):
Since Yoc's been on vacation (he is now back as of today) I've been updating some of the categories on the download pages, with some new ones added and more information added to some of the old ones. Hopefully this will make it easier to find that one book your looking for, and to give you folks more info on maybe a book or artist you might be looking for. Would hope you folks would enjoy this happening.
It's going to take a while as we have a lot of books on file, so please be patient on this, thanks.


Great work, Geo. Thanks!

Geo (RIP):

--- Quote from: kusunoki on August 20, 2010, 08:15:35 PM ---Great work, Geo. Thanks!

--- End quote ---

Thank you, I do hope it does help people out by doing this.


Great stuff, Geo.  The site is getting better organized all the time. Keep it up.

Geo (RIP):
Thank you Builder, glad you folks are enjoying it. I do hope it makes it easier to find things you want to see.



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