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Can this be uploaded???...An E.C. Title, but posibly never renewed

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RJ Bowman:

From the Grand Comics Database, a list of appearances by the E.C. superheroine Moon Girl.

E.C. has been listed as a publisher who's entire output is not to be uploaded to this archive. I know that, do to its fame (or infamy) much of E.C.'s horror and crime comics, and even some of their war comics, have been published in licensed reprints, and I think that even Picture Stories from the Bible might still be controlled by a rights holder, but has anyone bothered to renew the rights to this oddball superheroine who is outside the bounds of what modern readers expect of E.C.? I read somewhere that a small publisher is publishing adventured of a revamped politicized Moon Girl that claims lineage to these old comics. What is the situation with the rights to old material?

Hi RJ,
Until one of our resident experts can confirm their status it's best to not upload them.


darkmark (RIP):
Have a feeling we shouldn't.  Did EC Classics ever reprint this one?

John C:
I actually rarely see renewals for EC titles, including Moon Girl's series, so it's fine (or should be) from a legal standpoint.  If there are other considerations, like respectfully avoiding stepping on someone's revenue stream or worries about some litigious nutjob thinking he owns it, though, that might be its own issue, but I don't know the landscape well enough to say.

(Note:  That's not "EC books should be fine."  That's "there's a large number of EC books that are in the public domain and they should probably be checked as they become available rather than making any kind of "rule.")

I think EC is a publisher that we avoid for a few reasons, even if they do have a few PD books.  They're both aggressive on stopping posting of their material, and they're good about keeping stuff available. 

I believe somebody determined some of the very earliest books from what became DC weren't renewed, either; but we decided it wasn't worth the headaches of trying to post them here.


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