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Swappers Quarterly - Cisco Kid #1 - 1944

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Is Swappers Quarterly (Bernard Baily) Cisco Kid #1 1944 OK to upload?
Is it here already?
Public Enemy #1

I believe it's already on the site Bob -

Check and see if it's the same as yours.

After some thought we've decided the book and character's PD status are questionable and removed them from the site.
But thanks for your offer Bob.

I'm really curious as to WHY this book should be removed. It has NOTHING to do with anything that is copyright or non-PD. Please share your thought processes with me. Thanks.

Peace, Jim (|:{>

Well Jim, when checking the history of the character on the Copyright site you see the radio show scripts were renewed.
If we can't positively say the comics were not based on those copyrighted radio shows then we can't host them.  These licenced characters are very hard to be sure they are PD or not.

Feel free to correct me here.


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