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Announcing our SECOND Global Moderator - GEO!

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Hey everyone,
I'm thrilled to announce DCM's second Global Moderator - GEO!

Geo might be known to some of you as one of the noble JVJ Collection Scanners!
A group working on a vital project of scanning books from JVJ's Massive personal collection!

Geo's health has slowed him down a bit but he's signed on to help keep DCM here running smoothly.
If you've got a scan that needs adding to the site via FTP or the Upload Link on the site proper he's your man along with OtherEric and any of the other admins like myself or Aussie.

My thanks to Geo for stepping up like this.  There will be days where his help will be needed for sure!   :)

Welcome to the family Geo!

John C:

--- Quote from: Yoc on July 10, 2010, 03:31:53 PM ---Welcome to the family Geo!

--- End quote ---

If you're doing this against your will, blink twice.  I'll distract Yoc with this:

while you make a break for it.

Uhm...I mean, yeah, welcome!  Not that you weren't part of the family before, or anything.

Geo (RIP):
Thanks for the warm welcome John. I don't think the short video going to work though, Yoc already breaking me in with uploading files from the ftp. He is a hard taskmaster from the get go, hee, hee.


Cool video Johh, thanks!

Yeah-HOOOO, Geo! Congrats and well earned!  Excellent choice, DCM Management, get to work! ;D


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