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d6danny here. This site is everything I want, and what I was missing!


So, like I am up here in Westwood, NJ and I get all of my dill-weed brother's comics when he leaves home. I read them all and love them but they leave me wondering, "Where did this all stem from?" You know where are the origins of comicbookdom? I discover this place when I am researching classic characters on Wiki. Then BANG it hits me! I have stumbled onto a wealth of comics at comics finest. Not just comics that tell a story, but comics that carry a message, comics that stand for somethings. Wow, am I glad I found you guys.

Welcome Danny.
Yep, we've got a massive collection of everything we can legally share.

Enjoy all the goodies!

Enjoy yourself danny. Not only is the site massive but the darn things keeps growing. There are these crazy people who sit around scanning old books. Just can not figure out what would possess such people. :-\


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