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Uploaded Six-Gun Heroes #75. Bought this a couple months ago, but just recently had time to scan it. Enjoy.

I can't see that one anywhere CC.
It's also from post Dec-1959 which in this case might be Ok (it's welcome on GAC) but in almost all other publishers is a no-no on DCM.

If you uploaded via the site you've got to hit the 'Confirm' button at the end to finalize the upload.

Take care,

The book is public domain as it was published in 1963 and not renewed. I made sure to check that before I uploaded but I forgot to hit confirm. I'll re-upload it in case you guys want it, but for some reason I can't get it to upload to GAC.

For some reason GAC upload is having a problem with files over 30meg or so even the setting is at 200. I have to use the ftp to get anything up

Successfully uploaded the book, but if someone could upload it to GAC it would be much appreciated.


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