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Uploaded today -

City of the Living Dead NN (Avon)-original  - a Cimmerian32 scan
Mighty Midget Comics #12 -Mr Scarlett - an Ontology scan


John C:

--- Quote from: Yoc on June 13, 2010, 01:31:28 PM ---Not sure myself, I saw the other one and figured you or Aussie already approved the title.

--- End quote ---

Hm.  I don't think it was me, since all the Canadian books make me skittish.  Anybody have any pointers?

The good news, by the way, is that the Canadian Creative Commons group is working on an honest-to-goodness public domain registry, but I assume that won't go live for a few years, yet, and comic books won't be a high-priority item.  And the most recent mention of it I can find was an appeal to Canadian librarians to help with beta testing, two years ago.


On the downside, I found this, which seems to say that the overwhelming majority of Canadian comics are still protected by copyright:


Unless everybody involved died before 1949, all roads seem to lead to either 2049 or later.  It seems stupid, though, that someone who died in 1949 gets another hundred years of copyright protection on his works, whereas someone who dies today only gets fifty.

Suggestion then John?
Pull the entire Canadian section from the site?

John C:
Don't know.  Many were posted (years back on GAC) under Aussie's watch, and I've yet to find a situation where she came up with a more permissive answer than I did.

I say leave it for the moment (another few days won't kill anybody, since the genie is long out of the bottle) and take it up offline.

Now up from me -
My Secret Life 25 [Jan'50]-36pg-c2c     -Patrice scans


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