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I'm back, and I just uploaded 18 of JVJ's book scans to the FTP, mostly Fox and Avon titles. Just check in my folder.
There is also a Crackajack 39 (Dell 1941) w/first comic appearance of Andy Panda in what is obviously a format intended for newspaper strip release. I read somewhere that it was supposedly drawn by Walt Lanz himself.
Jim V., I will finally be returning your box of comics to you! :)

Welcome back Ont !  I just got some mail from Yoc telling me that you've returned to the fold and are "doing much better".  That's great.  And it would appear that you've made yourself quite busy what with 18 scans uploaded to the ftp.  Whew!  Better look like taking it a bit easier on yourself my friend.  Gotta stay healthy you know.  I'm quite sure we all can't wait to see especially what Fox and Avon titles you've been working on.  I for one am.

--Loftypilot Dan

Welcome Ont, wonderful to see you again!
I'll have your uploads on the site asap.

Thanks so much for all of the Fox books, Ontology! I'm especially happy about those issues of Weird Comics since they haven't turned up too often.  :D

A question about the US Jones #1 issue -- the stories are identical to those that appear in U.S. Jones #2 (while the cover mentions a story entitled "Death on the Airways" that isn't featured. Did Fox mistakenly publish the stories for #1 and #2 in separate issues, or did the content for #2 get mixed up with #1 during the scanning process?

Thanks again for scanning these for everyone (and to Jim, of course)!

What's most likely is that it's a copy of US Jones #2 with a cover from #1. In the conditions that I can afford on these books, it's very possible that I didn't get what I was told I was buying. Sigh...

Sorry. (|:{>


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