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The incredible jaw-dropping auction results thread

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Drusilla lives!:
I dunno... it was either here or on the other site... but I vaguely remember someone had mentioned that a CGC graded copy of Wolverine #1 (in 10.0) with a cover penciled by Frank Miller went on the auction block and eventually fetched a record $10,000.  Now I've read this article regarding a piece of Miller Daredevil cover art that has set another record at Heritage. 

Just incredible imho... I'd definitely want to consign my stuff with Heritage... if I had anything I though was worth it, that is.  :D   

Btw, feel free to add other "jaw-dropping" auction results to this thread as they arise... somehow, I don't think this will be the last.  :)

darkmark (RIP):
This is not to be believed. 

Pretty amazing.  As they all say - it only takes one sucker...

Drusilla lives!:
I should add that it's a nice looking cover... I went over to the GCD to take a look at it... the inked page must look really good, but over 100K for it?  I guess it's more a shock to me because I don't even think I was reading comics anymore by 1981 or 82!  At least I'm sure I wasn't reading Daredevil at the time if I was.  Looking at some of the other covers by Miller, I think he was a really decent artist... but then again, judging again by some of the covers from that period, so was this guy Klaus Janson... so go figure?

I was a big collector in the late 80s.
Miller and Janson had a great run on the title which was used as the plot for the forgettable movie.
I was a big fan of Miler at the time.  Janson took over and I was not impressed.  I dropped the title after a few issues.  Miller evolved his noddle style with Ronin which revolted me to look at.  I stopped reading him after that.

I can't see the buyer of this artwork ever making a profit from it.  I hope he's just a very well off fan and never regrets overpaying for it.  Personally, if you've got money to burn like that you might get Miller to do something spectacular for you as commission.



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