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Spread DCM with a DVD Disc


Last week, I visited the museum which showed the history of our city. Many historical relics were exhibited in the museum such as ancient coins, historical costumes, historical weapons ,etc. The guide told us each object had its story. As we would not stay long enough in the museum to learn all stories, is there some better way for us to learn more? An idea flashed through my mind: why not share some DVD movies and provide the visitors some DVD discs about history of the objects in the museum.

The same to DCM, why not make a slideshow for showing knowledge about Digital Comic?

This article about How to spread knowledge with a DVD Disc, share with you  ::)

John C:
We have talked about the possibility--after everything has settled down--of looking into how to make this more museum-like.  I doubt that a PowerPoint presentation will be the thing to fill the void (especially since you actually CAN take this entire museum home with you), but it's an interesting starting point, at least.  Thanks.


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