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Frank Frazetta died today :-(

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I never met the man, but his artwork will be missed.

A very, very sad day.

It's hard to be surprised at this; he was not young and his health problems were well documented.  And it's not like he's done comics in decades; or anything that I'm aware of in years.

That doesn't stop this from hitting hard for somebody I've never met.  His paintings are so classic and defining that I literally cannot imagine what the world would be like if Frazetta hadn't existed:  He influenced everybody who came afterword.

I'm going to grab some of his books and enjoy them tonight and remember a great artist; I suggest you do to.  We have a fair number of books he did on the site.  If you haven't seen them; I would immodestly suggest the books from JVJ and myself:  Happy Comics 33 and Personal Love 24-25-27 contain some truly exceptional art even by the master's standards.

That's a great suggestion Eric.

Rest in peace, Frank


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