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Latest uploads, courtesy of bhcomics' scanner: Blu Beetle 20; Frank N. Stein 24-5, 30-1
and from my scanner: Harvey's Western Tales 31 (1st issue) starring Davy Crockett (Jack Kirby)

darkmark (RIP):
Bravo, Freddy!

ETA:  That "Tim Holt #17" is actually #34, except for the cover.  I know, because it's scanned from a coverless copy I once had, and I made a mistake in the numbering.  Sorry.

It's actually TH #45 DM.
I've renamed the listing.

Thanks for the uploads Freddy.

I've updated the Jesse James 5; restoring your original description and showing you as author.  I did add a comment about moondood uploading it to DCM as well.

I hope that satisfies everybody!


--- Quote from: freddyfly on May 06, 2010, 01:31:57 AM ---A triple-prize night:
Frankie 20 & 26 (no text/ads) and Prize Comics 68 (last pre-Western issue)

--- End quote ---

Thanks Freddy!

I am especially grateful for your scanning Prize Comics #68, which I've only seen in incomplete form. It's great to finally be able to read the whole thing!  :D


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