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phabox (RIP):
The other day I got talking to a non comic book fan who I am friendly with and the subject of 'Insect comic characters' came up and even then right off the top of my head I managed to come up with a decent list of heroes but I wonder how many I may have missed ?

Also what about 'baddies' like Marvels Beetle to name only one ?

Here's what I have so far:

Ant-Man (Hank Pym and Scott Lang)
Black Widow ( three so far ?)
Blue Beetle ( four at last count ?)
Fly Girl
The Fly/Flyman
Fly-Man (Clip Foster)
Green Hornet
Hooded Wasp
Human Fly
Red Bee
Yellowjacket ( three so far ?)

Do the 'Spider' themed characters count as insects  :-/

if so there are at least half a dozen more names that could be added to this list.


phabox (RIP):
Still not sure if the eight legged 'Spider' characters should be listed with the insect heroes so here they are on there own for now.

Apart from the three names listed above we also have:

Alias The Spider
The Spider (Richard Wentworth)
The Spider (Jerry Seigels UK Anti-Hero)
Spider Girl
Spider Queen
Spider Widow
Spider Woman (Helen Goddard)
Spider Woman (Jessica Drew and others)

Any More ?


My favorite is Swarm. A Spider-Man villain who is a Nazi made out of bees.

paw broon:
Doing this from the library so don't have access to my notes, but:-
B-Man (Harvey Comics)
Insect Queen (Lana Lang)  (2 of these aren't there? With the other one being Lana from a different Earth)

and from the U.K. please welcome:-
Captain Hornet

And I'm sure there is another Fly Man - South American, perhaps?

phabox (RIP):
Think there may well have been an Earth-Two Insect Queen pre-crisis who showed up in a 'Mr and Mrs. Superman' story some years back.

I Thought of Harveys B-Man myself later, just for the record he was only called that on the cover and was known as 'The Bee' inside the book.



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