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The first Sheena strip now up on Ken Q's blog about WAGS and early Eisner


Hi gang,
Ken Quattro's blog - "The Comics Detective" has two Excellent updates on the very early era of Will Eisner and Jerry Iger's work for WAGS.  One feature being Sheena, Queen of the Jungle.  The posts include some Very Rare examples of the strips and talks about the artists involved as well as a second entry on the men behind the Wags publications.
(I hope Ken doesn't mind me giving him a plug here.)

Part 1-

Part 2-

Highly recommended reading!

Thanks YOC for the tip.  Ken Q's research is great stuff :D

Indeed it is Joanna!

phabox (RIP):
I am begining to wonder if this 'first' Sheena story from Wags_046 is the same story that was repinted in the first issue of Jumbo Comics.

Anyone know for certain ?


Well, the text is certainly altered, Nigel, if it is the same artwork. Henry Steele reviewed that issue of Jumbo when we updated the GCD FH data with Hames Ware. His first line of dialog in the Sheena strip in Jumbo #1 is "In search of the mysterious Sheena, Bob Reynolds..."

Having never seen the book myself, that's the closest I can come to answering your question. And Henry IDs the Jumbo artist as Mort Meskin. If this WAGS Sheena is by Meskin, it's too early for me to recognize him.

Peace, Jim (|:{>


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