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John C:

--- Quote from: OtherEric on August 16, 2010, 10:48:34 AM ---As far as I know, most thanks go to Aussie, John C, and Geo.

--- End quote ---

Other than sending up a red flag (and opening the "emergency forum" again--see the top of the thread, all, in case anything like this happens again), I didn't touch a thing.  From what little I can gather, it sounds like it was just a "hey, what up?" call to the host, thankfully, and not a technical disaster.

Which, since I'm really glad things are back up and running, is a good time for a polite round of applause to the people who actually "make site go," I think.

My thanks to those who keep this site going. Nothing like a few days out of action for the value of the site to be especially appreciated. I uploaded a recent scan, in the meantime, to GAC and will forthwith upload it here. Both sites have their virtues (not always the same ones), and even just having one of them down and not working makes for nervousness about keeping this work archived.  :-[

I was out of town for two weeks so I too thank the staff for getting DCM back up and keeping it going.


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