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Bimfort == Youthful?

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I was looking at the indicia of Jack the Giant-Killer and realized that this is very likely part of the Friedman/Youthful Magazines group.

The editorial address is the same as that of Attack #4:
105 East 35th Street, New York 16, N.Y.

Which you could attribute to being a coincidence; large building in NY etc. However, the subscription addresses also match:
Box 140, Murray Hill Station, New York 16, N.Y.
(Jack the Giant-Killer also lists the printer's address for subscriptions).

Two companies could be located in the same building, but what are the odds that two unrelated companies are going to share the same PO Box for subscriptions?

I am sure the comic historians in the group are going to jump all over this information.

actually guys,
I'm lucky to tackle ONE mystery at any one time.



Bimfort's JACK THE GIANT KILLER was a one off effort from a company that put out something else - forget what now.  Note the distributor was Kable while Youthful was strictly a front operation of Leader News.

If memory serves the addresses provided were mailing drop offs rather than publishing offices.


But Stamps Comics wasn't using the same distributor as the other Youthful Magazine books either... and it had the same editorial address (however, a different PO Box number, but still used the Murray Hill Station for subscriptions).

And doesn't the Friedman companies have a history of producing one-offs for third-parties? Swat Malone comes to mind... I think it was produced at the same time as the Premier line, but it was distributed outside of that line making it another "odd duck" book.


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