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Many thanx for the Target!  :o

darkmark (RIP):
Indeed, that one hit the spot.  ;)

Just sent the following to builderboy for scanning.

Jet Aces: 1,2,4
Jumbo Comics: 71,73,80,87,90,91,93,148,153
Jungle Comics: 11,12,42
Movie Comics: 2,4
Rangers Comics: 33,37,42,44,48,50,55,57,59,62,63,66
War Birds: 1
Wings Comics: 9,12,17,87-90,92-96,100

Welcome to the project, bb. (|:{>

JVJ didn't mention it, but he also gave me a primer in Photoshop restoration techniques. Huge thanks, JVJ, that was GREAT!

I am terribly excited about the books coming in!

A hearty Congrats to BB on joining the ranks of the JVJ Scanners!!

I've removed those sent to BB from the JVJ Wanted List which REALLY needs to be updated!


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