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While I don't have a source of material to scan, I did come across a great blog posting at Golden Age Comicbook Stories blog of some stories from Youthful's Chilling Tales, issues 13 & 15, and have compiled and uploaded these. Great stuff with Matt Fox covers.

Hope you like them.

Thanks bb, I updated one of them with a second story.
DoorTree runs a fantastic blog there.  Please be sure to continue giving him full credit when you upload anything from there.
I even include a URL when I upload from him.  I wish he'd join DCM.

Thanks again,

Sweet, Yoc...I will grab your augmented post.  I love that DoorTree has a mix of comic and painterly stuff, very heavily leaning to Art Nouveau. Gorgeous stuff by Maxfield Parish, Wyeth, and others.

My first contribution where it is a solo venture:

Novelty's Target Comics v4 01, coming in at a hefty 58Mb...sorry about that. In my exuberance at the quality, I couldn't bring myself to compress it more.  Hope you like it.

This is the first of a handful of books I will be bringing. The others are:
 - Charleton's Battlefield Action v2 #20, July 1958
 - Hillman's Real Clue Crime Stories v7 #11, Jan 1953
 - Fawcett's Captain Midnight #53, July 1947

I also got some Lev Gleason's Daredevils, which I see are all on-site. I will make sure they are c2c.
And last but not least, I get a Fiction House Jumbo #74, which I believe I will scan to improve what is already on site.

Geo (RIP):
Thanks for the upload Builder, we're looking forward to those coming books from you.

Anyway Novelty's Target Comics v4 01 is now available for downloading everyone.



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