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Jingle Jangle Comics 005 now ready for download.  Missing 6 pages, unfortunately.   :'(  54 of 60 isn't too bad, though.

And with this issue we're down to 4 missing and 4 incomplete issues.  Even if I'm not the one to finish off the last few issues, this is another fairly long run I take pride in as one of "my" titles; aided by the generosity of JVJ.  Some classic stuff in these, the Carlson material in particular.  Enjoy!

I grabbed this one instead of another JVJ book for two reasons:  One, to polish off what I could scan on the Jingle Jangle run.  Two, because I'm going to send this issue to JVJ when I send back the next batch of his books.

Thanks Eric

Great work Eric!

Now ready for download:  Adventures of Peter Wheat 10 (incomplete)

This one is missing page 15; I found a very small scan of pg 16 so we can at least see how the story ends.

Even beyond the missing page this book was in bad shape; Yoc and Thom Buchanan from http://whirledofkelly.blogspot.com/ did an awesome job editing it into readable shape.  It has some beautiful and rare Walt Kelly artwork so I think it's well worth the effort and I owe both of them a huge favor for their efforts!  Everybody else, just enjoy.

It is a fun read but wow was it in some bad shape!
Thanks for sharing it Eric.


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