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darkmark (RIP):
Don't you think that Ajax characters were just cleaned-up Fox ones? ;-)

(Stronger than dirt...harr!)

You have too much Tem on your hands, dm,
You Nita hobby. For what it's Worth.



darkmark (RIP):
Well, at the last comic convention I went to, I was astonished to see them selling Crack and Speed.  I might have been looking for another Hit, but what the hey.

I went to a MAGAZINE ENTERPRISE where it was a NOVELTY to find the QUALITY of the COMIC MEDIA was STERLING. Much BETTER than my PARENTS MAGAIZINES. It SPARKed my interest enough to award them a PRIZE for the STAR YOUTHFUL STORY that had MERIT. Then I went to the (KITCHEN SINK) and found the FAWCETT dripping so I got my car KEY and my FOX of a wife, made sure I had a TROJAN in my wallet, and headed in an EASTERN direction and went to the HILL-MAN.


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