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Jingle Jangle Comics 42 is now ready for download.  Enjoy!

(I have several issues of Speed and Champion awaiting editing, as well.)

Thanks Eric!

And a note: Laserguy uploaded Jingle Jangle 36 and 38 which we were missing here; for which I am grateful.

What I'm not so happy about:  JVJ's info cards have been stripped from the files.  I don't know who did that; I assume it was NOT Laserguy.  I'll upload the complete versions tonight when I get home from work, I need to run now.

Wow, that is VERY uncool!
Thanks for catching that and correcting it Eric.

When I uploaded Target Comics v8 n10 from JVJ a while back, it was missing the first wrap.  I included my standard "If you have a copy of the book and can fill in the pages please do" message.

Imagine my surprise when, while looking in a box I haven't been into in years for something completely different, I discovered that I had a coverless copy of the book!  I hadn't been into that box in at least 5 years, possibly closer to 15, and found a few other beat up, often incomplete, but interesting items.  (The most noteworthy item for this site will be a copy of Wyatt Earp, Frontier Marshal #21.  It's a 100 pager that has some rare non-Atlas Maneely art.)

So go ahead and upgrade your copy of this Target issue.  Just don't expect me to find stuff I don't know I have that's useful here many more times.  (The Wyatt Earp book was one of the two things I was looking for.  Does anybody have any idea what box I stuffed my early Jonah Hex appearances into?)  Luckily I've got both JVJ's books and some stuff I KNOW I have to keep me busy!


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