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Please welcome to DCM our FIRST Global Moderator!

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Hey Gang,
Filling a need we've had since we started (once he recovers from his cold and work settles a bit) please welcome aboard the DCM Staff - OtherEric as our first Global Moderator.   ;D

Eric should be known to those of you if you are any kind of Walt Kelly or Frazetta fan.  He's also been part of the JVJ Scanning Project as a scanner since day-1.  A seach for his name will show you he's been a busy scanner since he found the old site.

A very likable guy he will be here to activate uploads to the site and try and help with questions that come up that are not covered in the FAQ.

Welcome Eric!   :D

phabox (RIP):
Great to have him aboard, a 'Top-Notch' guy in every way.


Welcome aboard Eric!  ;D

darkmark (RIP):
I'll add my greets, Eric.

Glad to be here and helping.

And Yoc, you forgot "Mayer" fan as well.  As if my avatar wasn't a dead giveaway.  ;D

It's too bad so little of Mayer's material is allowed here.


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