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Ace Comics: Crime Must Pay The Penalty #38


Clicking on the download link provides the following:

Error: Sorry but the file associated with this download doesnt seem to exist. Please contact the owner of this download to correct the problem or report this link as broken.
/home1/talkinj1/public_html/goldenagecomics/downloads//0730c5288d6b777f1d4c10c2e7f4e561.rwd. If you believe this to be in error, please quote the above error and report this to the admin

Same error for Our Flag #004

Our Flag 004 works fine for me laser.
Thanks for letting us know about the Crime Must Pay 38

I don't know why but I'm getting some weird things happening.  Ok I tried the Our Flag 004 again tonight and it worked but for one problem.  The comic that actually downloaded is #003 which is not even listed.  There's now a brand new upload of 004 that was uploaded earlier today and I also tried it.  It worked fine and it is indeed 004.  Why I got the error last night, I have no idea.

In addition, the last time I checked in several days ago, there were no limits on downloads.  Last night when I checked my CP, there was a download limit in place with a maximum cap and a 30 day time limit.  Tonight, that's been changed back to Unlimited.  Is somebody playing with these settings?

Laserguy's right and wrong, Yoc,
The old scan of Our Flag #4 is incorrect. It has a cover page for #3 and the contents of #4. It should be removed. The new 4/8/2010 is the correct version.


Thanks for reminding me to remove the old #4 JVJ.  The improper file names and cover were bugging me so much I corrected it and re-uploaded it.

Laser, again you caught us during the server move.  The site had to basically be set-up from scratch by Capt.DJ and settings re-adjusted.  While I can't guarantee unlimited bandwidth forever we will do everything we can to keep it that way.  Our upgrade has meant a nice bump in the site speeds on internal functions that the average user might not feel but as an admin it's been a great bonus!

Why the link didn't work last night for you I have no clue other than perhaps the server move again.  The link worked fine for me when I checked today and that reminded me how screwed up the original upload was and to fix it  

So far the only bug we know about since the move is the Upload File function.  If anyone spots anything else that is odd please let us know!



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