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Question About Ace Comics: Web Of Mystery #13


I've been meaning to ask this since I first joined this site.  I was hoping that I'd find a c2c copy of this issue in your library but the copy here is the same one I already had (probably came from the same orignal source).  The comic has 30 pages and is listed as (noads).  It should have 36 pages.  This one is missing both inside covers and the 2 page printed story.  That accounts for 4 of the 6 missing pages.  There are no other internal ads in these issues (this can be confirmed by checking the c2c scans of issues 10-12 and 14-16) so my question is, what's missing?  Is this an incomplete issue?

My guess is that the two pages you're looking for are "True Tales of Unexplained Mystery", which were one-pagers stuck between the main stories.

I kinda figured it was something like that.  The issue itself should be marked as missing pages other than just a noads notation. Thanks.

Listing updated

Geo (RIP):
I'm sure that's not the only one. I'm working on one right now that is missing a few pages but will be c2c when I'm done. It's one I posted up, then Guest User posted up a more complete issue, (still a few pages missing to make it a c2c book).



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