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Server Upgrade (Complete)

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Captain DJ:

--- Quote ---Just finished talking with our server company and have requested a new server for the site. We will be upgrading to a higher spec server with more RAM and faster CPU. Only the best for DCM users.

The expected downtime will be 30minutes if upgrade process goes fine and after upgrade site will resume as normal.

Have not been given a time/date when the upgrade will take place so thought I would post this in advance so if site goes offline for any reason you know why.

I will post back once server upgrade is complete.
--- End quote ---

Server upgrade is now complete!

Thanks for the update!

Yes, it's nice to know in advance when there might be potential problems or down-time so that people don't panic.

Captain DJ:
Server going down fokes

Captain DJ:
We are back!!!!!

30min = 9 Hours downtime..... sorry all!

Had a few problems along the way...

First had to do a full reinstall of operating system and copy all data across. This took while since so many comic files to move across. During this process I had a nap also as due to long downtime I managed to grab 2 hours sleep last night.

Upon waking up I find the forum etc complaining of corrupt tables... after digging into the issue seems our tables do not like version 5.1 of mysql, had to force server to downgrade to 5.0 in-order to get database working.

It's been a long night, fun in places, but we got our new server now and a new faster hard drive....



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