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America's Best Comics #31 missing page?


The GCD says that the Black Terror story was 9 pages, but in our scan it's only 8 pages.  The story as we have it does seem to end rather abruptly.  If anyone has this page I'd very much like to see it because I'm curious if this makes the story's odd plot device make any more sense.  (It's about an ancestor of Bob Benton's who fought crime in the 17th Century as the Black Terror, completely unknown to the present-day Black Terror.)

Checking the Keltner Index it says 8pgs for the BT story KR.  (Keltner Index can be downloaded via the Links Section.)
The GCD also lists the Miss Masque story at 7pgs when it's actually 9 which the Keltner Index also confirms.


Any mistakes on GCD please correct. It is really easy now and you can do one little thing only. Not like before where you indexed a whole book. So PLEASE any errors anyone finds just fix them yourself. Click edit change what is wrong and go your merry way. No fuss not bother but a lot of help

Thanks for the info!  I guess that was just an odd story.  I liked it, though.  It reminded me a lot of the high-concept 50s "Black Casebook"-type Batman stories.


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