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Hooded Horseman


Mark Warner:
Does anyone know if the Hooded Horseman character is Trademarked ... I know the comics are in the public domain, but want to know if I can use his image on my logo's etc.  If not can anyone point me in the right direction?



John C:
Overall, it's a simple question that I don't know the answer to:  Has anybody used him prominently in the last decade?  If not, and if it's not registered (, then you probably OK.  Remember, a trademark is pretty much like a brand name.  If someone looks at your product and says, "oh, that's probably put out by (insert trademark holder's name)," then you're in trouble.

That said, I'm a programmer, not a lawyer.  If there's money at stake, pay someone who gives this advice for a living and is liable for any loss you might incur through malpractice.

Boughton brought out ACG related books but none titled Hooded Horseman. Last used in 1955 would seem pretty safe to say it has been abandoned as a trademark.

Mark Warner:
OK many thanks

Seemed that way to me as well


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