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IW Comics Listings - updated April 17, 2022

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Two more ID'ed:

IW's Tom-Tom #10 is ME's Tick Tock #18 and Tom-Tom #8 is ME's Tick Tock #22.

Confirmation that Cowboys 'n' Injuns #7 is a reprint of Tick Tock 31. I will post the ads and indicate which pages are replaced. Some story pages were replaced with ads but something different in this one. The text feature was replaced with black and white gag pages one of Joe Dokes the other Third Class Eddie Male which are old Centaur features. Something to do with the plates for the text features?

Geo (RIP):
And this was posted by jrvandore on July 30, 2009

I stand corrected on one of my corrections!  The indicia of Jet/Jet Powers 1 & 2 do say Jet Powers, so Jon's original crediting was correct.  The scans of those issues here verify that as well.  Unfortunately, the scans of 3 & 4 here don't include the inside front covers, so we at the GCD have to do more research before we can change the records for the series.  But we will continue to try to get it right.

And this was posted by jrvandore on September 25, 2010

New identification:  IW/Super's Battle Stories #17 is Toby's With the Marines on the Battlefronts of the World #2.

Didn't realize this thread was on both sites.  I'll try to remember to post in both places with any updates.

BTW, as I mentioned to Builderboy, I think we could solve a handful of these with scans of ME's Cowboys 'n' Injuns.

More info for the most diehard IW/Super fan...

I previously identified IW/Super's Tell It to the Marines #1 as a reprint of Toby's Tell It to the Marines #15.  But Toby's Tell It to the Marines #15 actually reprints earlier Toby material, including stories from Monty Hall #11, Fighting Leathernecks #3, Tell It to the Marines #5, 2, and 11.  The sources for two of the fillers remain unidentified, though the Fat Stuff filler could very well be from Toby's Buck Rogers #101 [8], first line: "At last, I've arrived!"  Confirmation welcomed!  (See the index once approved at



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