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The FAQs you've posted say that we're not uploading any post-1959 books to this site, but I've already noticed a certain amount of Silver Age books in the Charlton section, such as the nurse romance books and later issues of Space Adventures.  In fact from all the scans I've been able to find Charlton didn't put a proper copyright notation on a single one of its comics until 1968 and some of the comics that did come out that year.  This includes all the "Action Heroes" books, with only one exception, Charlton Premiere #3 featuring Sinistro the Boy Fiend.  I don't know if there are any other actually public domain Silver Age books--the grounds for letting in ACG's later stuff are tenuous at best as far as I can tell--but could we allow at least some of the Silver Age Charlton books?  As far as the Action Heroes go we already do have a lot of stuff that DC long believed itself to own and some stuff (the renewed Fawcett and Nedor comics) that it may in fact own.  At the very least it would be nice to have comics like the early issues of Ghostly Tales and the truly bizarre Reptisaurus.

Personally I think 60s books are not old enough and the cutoff date should be Jan-1960 but thats up to the people that run the site. 60s books are so much more easier to find than 50s paper.

John C:
Right now, the rules are staying the same (primarily Golden Age books) for the sake of consistency while we all get our footing.  The current date was also partly chosen for convenience of research, not necessarily an absolute definition.

However, behind the scenes, we've been kicking around what will eventually be permissible and the standards on which to judge that while making it clear what's permissible and how thorough the research was (because, especially with a scan, you can't simply trust a single bad notice.

I've been looking at various candidates looking for bad copyrights as late as 1988, so may be some interesting stuff coming, once we're all feeling free to move in that direction.

SA books should not be on the site gang.  At least not yet!
If you spot any please send Aussie a Private Message about them.  (click the word balloon beneath her avatar)
The policy is being reviewed for possible future inclusions but for now it's still nothing post Dec 1959.


But wouldn't it make sense for any title that continued past December 1959 Already hosted here that has issues in the public domain starting January 1960 and beyond to have those issues here?  The "continuity of publishing" and all that stuff.


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