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DCM's BANNER #1- Who are they?!?

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Yoc: banner01-2010.jpg:D
Hi Gang!
Kicking off DCM's first contest -
Can you name the titles and issue numbers of the books featured in our First Banner at the top of the site and forum here?

I wont give any hints as most are pretty famous and will only say when someone has gotten them all.  I don't expect this to take very long so have fun and 'enter often!'   ^-^

Good luck!

btw the second banner quiz and answers can be found here -,2566.msg27294.html#msg27294

Chet Edson:
From left to right...

Tim Holt 17
Cow Puncher 6
Jumbo Comics 118
Silver Streak Comics 6
Exciting Comics 44
Startling Terror Tales 11
Phantom Lady 17
Amazing Mystery Funnies v1n1

phabox (RIP):
WOW, Now theres a name from the past, how you doing Chet  :-/


Well, that was a quick one.
Thanks for the post Chet and Wonderful to hear from you!!
Please don't be a stranger!

Chet Edson:
Hey Guys! It's been awhile.

Trying to find Silver Streak 6 was no picnic.

I haven't been buying many GA books, so I haven't had anything to share.

I hope you're both doing well!



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