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Video: How to Register and Download Comics


Captain DJ:
How to Register and Download Comics

If you need to pause video please visit link below

For those that can't see the above Flash movie here's how to register with pictures:

Step 1 -
Click on the Register link either here on the forum or on the download site about the DCM banner - See RED arrow below - message pictures/Register 1.jpg

The next step is to confirm you are not a spambot by matching the picture on the right with the same one one in the column.  Left click on the correct picture. message pictures/Register 2.jpg

Step 3 -
Now you are in the registration page:
-Here you choose your DCM user name.  This can be anything you like but be ready with a back-up or two in case your first choice has already been taken.
NOTE - When choosing a name avoid special characters.  ie: don't use any of the following: ` ~ ! @ $ % ^ & * < > ? ; : '
-You Must use a real email address as you will need to click on an Activation email that will be sent to your account.  Please be sure to check in your spam folder if you don't see it.
-Choose a password with at least 8 characters that you can remember.
-Fill in the visual verification entry and answer the mathematical puzzle. message pictures/Register 4.jpg

Step 4 -
Please read the rules for joining the site.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and if you agree with everything left click the I Agree box and select the Register button.
If there are any problems you will see an error message and can use Back to return to the registration page. message pictures/Register 5.jpg
If everything goes right you will see this message. message pictures/Register 6.jpg

Step 5 -
Check in the email account you've registered with for a message:
From: Digital Comic Museum <> Subject: Welcome to Digital Comic Museum message pictures/Register 7.jpg

Step 6 -
Inside this message you will find your Activation link (in blue below).  If it's not highlighted please copy and paste it into a web browser. message pictures/Register 8.jpg

Step 7 -
Once you have activated your account you will see the following message: message pictures/Register 9.jpgFrom here you can log in on the site.  I use the Stay Logged In option.

Step 8 -
Once you log in you will be on the Forum.  Your User Name will appear on the top left of the forum like this example.

To go directly from the forum to the main page where the comics are CLICK ON THE DOWNLOADS LINK.

Step 9 -
The Download site will open in a new window.  You should see your User name above the DCM banner where the 'Demo' name is showing here: message pictures/Register B.jpgYou are now ready to start downloading files from DCM.

Step 10 -
The next time you click on Log In from the forum you will see this.  Enter your username and password exactly as you used to register with DCM. message pictures/Register C.jpg

REMEMBER - Javasript must be on to login on DCM.  Check this link to see how to activate it if you are not sure how.

If you have any other general questions please check the DCM FAQ here -

Good luck!

To read a downloaded scan from DCM on your computer you will need to have a comic reading application installed to read them.

Please read our 'HOW TO READ A CBZ/CBR FILE' topic at this link:,1808.0.html

If you are enjoying DCM please consider making a cash donation towards our monthly server bill.
Any amount would be welcomed and donators are given VIP status on receipt.
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