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Bigger Upload Window? And a better sort order for publishers?

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When uploading it would be nice to have a bigger window for all the titles when you are selecting which folder to upload into. ATM the window is so small I sometimes get a headache squinting to read the six or 7 titles in the window. ;) Also would it be possible to have a folder for each title, instead of alot of loose scans in the parent folder? For example there are two Romance titles in the Charlton parent folder, In Love and Intimate. In Love only had 2 issues in the series and Intimate had 3. Noticed that some of the folders aren't in alphabetical order either.  ;)

Hi Fett,
When uploading if you click inside the box with the publishers name and then then type the first letter of the publisher as listed on GAC, 'C' and keep hitting it you will eventually be presented with Charlton.  Then you can find the title.

In an effort to have not so many title folder we thought the cutoff would be 5 issues.  One-shots fit nicely in the parents folder.  More than 5 issues deserve a folder of their own.  This might change but that's how I used to do it on GAC.  All the extra folder made it hard to find the right place when, as you noticed, you can only see 7 titles at one time.
I like your suggestion but that might be in the original code.  I expect it is.

Captain DJ:

Holy Crap that was fast!!
(I bet the sort order would be harder to fix though right?)

Thanks Very Much Cap!

Captain DJ:
How you want it sorted?


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