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John C:
Cory Doctorow is ranting about the iPad (because it apparently isn't getting enough coverage today), but look at his very first example.  The idea that Marvel's digital comics aren't something you can own or share, and they consider it an enhancement.

It's a nice little reminder that sites like this do it right.  The comic you download lives on your machine and you can do whatever you want with it from there.

(While I kinda-sorta agree with most of the rest of what he says, it's not really relevant here, and I think it's misapplied to Apple, which hermetically seals the boxes because it's makes the case look cool, not because they don't trust the user.  I mean, they don't trust the user, but that's not why they do it...)

Digital distribution of comics makes me a little nervous, too. But its not just comics, its video games, books, and music.
 It seems to me that the digital restrictions on sharing media is just greedy B.S.
If people really want to share digital  media, they'll do it, legal or not.
Library's have never hurt book sales.
Lately movie production companies have been complaining that video rentals hurt their sales, but video rental places have been open for years, and its just now that companies are complaining.
 I've heard people say that the ipad is the future of digital comics. If, in the future, you have to buy a five or six hundred dollar device to read comics, and than not even be able to share those comics, then the future looks pretty bleak to me.

Bottom line can we read the scans shared on DCM using an iPad???
I've been screaming to the heavens for a device something like this but if wont let me read my scans.... first I'll cry and then I wont buy one.  Maybe a knock-off down the road would do what we want if the iPad wont?

Next thing you know you'll be in trouble if you read a comic over someone's shoulder without paying a fee.

I am anxiously awaiting the new Lenovia with removable monitor. A large independant ipad with your laptop. I want one and I want it NOW :D


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