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Geo (RIP):
Thanks Capt, alway enjoy seeing how we are growing here.


Thanks very much for the update Capt!

You know what I'm proud of?
Since DCM opened shop members have added about 4000 new scans to the site!
Now that is impressive!   :o ;D

Thanks to all the generous scanners out there with special thanks to JVJ, the JVJ Project members and Len for what must be a large percentage of those new scans!


Hi Gang,
I've updated the first post to show December and year end totals.
Thanks to Everyone for making 2015 another very successful year for DCM!

Captain DJ:
Updated bandwidth usage

Stats are updated for Feb 2020.

Note, due to doing some clean-up removing partial or lower grade scans I will now be including 'New/upgrade scans' number each month.


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