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Glad I found you!


Hi All!

I have been enjoying the offerings of Golden Age comics online for years now, and had recently become involved in a minor way over at GAC through Narfstar, helping to edit JVJ books that he had scanned.

Narf and Yoc are the folks that I have interacted with most, and I liked the atmosphere. I am glad that I followed the trail of breadcrumbs here, and hope that I can make myself useful in some way.

I lack access to golden age books for scanning, but I can do a decent job editing, and will wash toilets if that's what it takes!

From all the activity, I can clearly see that this place is thriving.  Congratulations!  Glad to be here.

Glad to see you here Builderboy.

Welcome to the newest home for Golden Age comics builderboy, we are doing our best and hopefully the members old and new will feel at home here.


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